Top ways to organise your garage

Maximising the space in your garage is vital, as it can be multi-functional. Your garage can be a space to keep your car, whilst being a workshop and a generic storage space all at the same time. But to be sure you can do these things simultaneously, you need to be smart with your storage strategy, and here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd, we want to give you our top tips to be just that:

Start as soon as possible

If you leave the organisation of your garage for a few months or maybe even years, you will build up more and more rubbish. Before you know it, your garage is your ‘rubbish room’ – the place you go to dump anything and everything. If you let this happen, it will make the task of organising a lot harder when you get around to it.


Simple but effective are the words to describe all shelving units. At ABi Garage Doors Ltd, we recommend putting up your own shelving units on your walls to store things such as paints, glues, light tools etc. in addition to the wall-mounted shelves, generic storage units are also extremely handy. They prevent you from dumping things on the floor and creating a general pile of mess, as well as providing a stronger and studier unit for heavier tools and equipment.

Install racks

Just like shelving, there are multiple types of racks that enhance the functionality of your garage. Firstly, simple racks for the wall are extremely handy, as they allow you to hang awkwardly sized items such as shovels and rakes that would otherwise get in the way. Without racks such as these, your tools will be kept in a corner and it will be a hassle getting the tool you want as it will require pulling out all the unnecessary equipment.

Ceiling racks are another key way to organise your garage, if your garage is high enough to install these, we think it is a must. They allow you to hang large, heavy items that would otherwise take up a huge amount of space – such as camping equipment or wood you use in your workshop.

As garage doors are an essential part of the garage, here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd we take care of our whole garage. But if you’re looking for a new garage door for your home, be sure to give us a call on 01226 229733 or contact us online.