Side hinged garage door benefits

Everyone here at ABi Garage Doors Barnsley are aware of the benefits of a side hinged garage door and how they could impact homes up and down the UK. They’re fantastic for those who don’t have the strength to open and close a garage door multiple times a day or those who want quick and easy access to their garage without exposing the contents of your garage to those passing by.

Better for your back

As briefly mentioned above, a side hinged garage door would be a lot less strain on your back as there is nowhere near as much heavy lifting compared to if you had an up and over garage door. Four out of five people experience back pain at some point in their lives so there is no point in fast-tracking your pain.

As there is no heavy lifting involved, a side hinged garage door is perfect for the elderly or those with disabilities.

Improve aesthetics

Side hinged garage doors are seen as the most attractive to many in the industry and we can’t help but agree. Available in many different colours, materials and finishes, you could switch your door up to make it suit your home’s look or maybe your own personal requirements.

Easy access

Possibly one of the most appreciated benefit of a side hinged garage door is how accessible it makes your garage. If you want to get in and out of your garage without your car, you don’t have to go through the bother of opening and closing sectional or roller garage door. A side hinged door allows you to get in and out very quickly with no bother.

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