How to properly maintain your Garage Door

With garages often being used for additional storage as well as providing a secure place to keep a car, it is more important than ever to properly maintain your garage door. the door properly maintained. Here are our top tips for ensuring that your door is functioning properly as well as protected from the elements at all times:

  1.  Carry out a visual check

First of all, it’s important to carry out a visual check on the door and all of its parts. Keep an eye out for any wear or tear or anything that looks different to normal. Regularly inspecting your garage door like this means you should easily be able to spot something which looks out of place. Make sure to check all the parts, including the bolts, hinges, rollers, pulleys and opener.

  1. Keep the door clean

The outside of your garage door can be cleaned with water and detergent. When wiping it down carry out another visual check for chipped or flaked paint or any signs of rust which may need to be addressed. At this point, it is also worth looking at the seals to check they are not worn.

  1. Test the reverse mechanism

If you have an automated garage door it is also worthwhile testing the reverse mechanism is working. This is a safety device which should kick in during closing when it detects something in the way. If the door does not go into the reverse mode when it touches a test object, such as a piece of wood, then your door will need to be looked at by an expert.

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