Preparing your garage door for winter

Just as the arrival of winter means that you need to wrap up warm with a coat, hat and gloves when you step outside, you also need to take steps to make sure your garage is able to deal with the cold weather. Central to this is your garage door, which plays an important part in making sure your garage can cope with the drop in temperature. Here’s a quick guide to how failure to adequately prepare your garage door can cause you problems, and what you can do to prevent such issues from arising.

How can cold weather affect your garage door?

Your garage door is essentially your first barrier against extreme weather, so if it’s not performing to its fullest, the rest of your garage will suffer too. A garage door that isn’t properly insulated or sealed will allow cold air to pour in. Lower temperatures can also cause a variety of problems for the individual components of the door – for example, the screws that hold the tracks in place could shrink – and this can cause the door to struggle or, in the worst case, stop opening altogether.

How can you prepare your garage door for the winter?

Ideally, you should look after your garage door all year round by carrying out general maintenance, such as regularly cleaning any sensors on the door and making sure dirt and debris do not accumulate. To keep your door running smoothly, treat the door’s moving parts with a simple lubricant like engine oil, inspect and replace any damaged or missing sections of weather stripping and make sure that the door does not judder or make any strange noises while opening and closing.

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