Maintenance tips for your garage door

Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home, taking up around 20% of your home’s front and opening thousands of times a year. So, why do homeowners up and down the UK keep neglecting their garage door and not looking after it as much as they do with their entrance door? It’s baffling.

The experienced team here at ABi Garage Doors Barnsley are here to give you some handy tips on how you can easily maintain your garage door and keep it in top condition.

Look and listen

One of the easiest and most important jobs you can do to help prolong your garage door’s life is to simply look and listen out for anything that doesn’t seem right. It may be that your garage door is opening slower than usual or it keeps making grinding or scraping noises rather than being silent, if this is the case, there’s an issue with your door.

Replace the Weatherstripping

Your garage door isn’t there just to protect your garage and the rest of your home from potential intruders, but the weather outside. The rubber stripping along the bottom and sides of your garage door keeps the cold weather from seeping into your garage and reducing the temperature and increasing energy bills. Be sure to check the seal to see if it’s cracked and if it is, replace it right away.

Lubricate all moving parts

Especially now the temperatures are starting to drop, and we are entering the winter months, it’s vital that you make sure that all moving parts of your garage door are well oiled. This will stop them from seizing up and ultimately prevent the door from operating.

ABi Garage Doors Barnsley have been supplying high quality garage doors to the Barnsley region for over 30 years now. This experience means that our team of experts can give our customers advice such as the guidance given in this article. If you’re looking to speak to one of our team, you can give us a call on 01226 229733.