Why should I automate my existing garage door?

Have you been recently considering investing in a new garage door? If so, an automated garage door should be at the top of your list. The useful upgrade has many benefits that are often overlooked and completely forgotten about, but garage door automation can save you time each and every day, and in serious cases, it can save you money.


The most obvious benefit that everyone would see is the convenience of an automated garage door. There will be no more getting out in the pouring rain to open your heavy garage door and getting drenched in the process. Instead, your automated garage door will open with ease at the click of a button.

It would benefit everyone, but in particular those who cannot physically open a garage door manually, they will no longer have to struggle and risk potential injuries.


If you choose to automate your garage door, it removes the necessity of the lock and handle, which is often the weak point of the garage and the part that burglars target. Not only does it remove that threat, but the only way to get in to your garage is using the remote, so only people with a remote can get in to your garage.


Compared to a simple, manual garage door, an automatic garage door can offer advanced safety features. The doors are equipped with photo-eye sensors on each side of the opening, around 6-inches above the ground. These sensors prevent the door closing on anything that crosses its path – so, if the door comes in to contact with anything when in operation, it retracts, avoiding any potential damage.

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