Why your home needs a smart garage door opener

New technology is being developed every year, and majority of this new technology is being built to make our lives that little bit easier. A prime example of this is a smart garage door opener, and the team here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd can’t speak highly enough of them.

Smart garage door openers are simple to operate systems that benefit you and your home massively, whilst providing that little bit of extra piece of mind. Keep reading for further information on how you could benefit from a smart garage door opener.

Convenience boost

Arguably the most important and most appreciated benefit of a smart garage door opener is how much more convenient it makes things. You can now open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world, with the simple tap on your phone. The opener can be controlled from any device which can be connected to the internet.

So, if one of your kids forgets their keys in the morning and you’re stuck at work, you can let them back in to your home in the evening, at your desk using your smart phone.


If you set up your smart garage door opener to your smart phone, you can get alerts to your phone whenever your door opens or closes, and depending on the smart opener, you can be alerted as to who opened it.

Automated opening and closing

You may find yourself in sticky situations from time to time due to your forgetfulness – potentially leaving your garage door open all day whilst you’ve been at work. With a smart garage door opener, you can programme it to open at a certain time and close at a certain time. For example, if you leave at 8:00am every day, you could have your garage door to open at 7:50am and close at 8:10am.

If you have any further questions regarding our products here at ABi Garage Doors Ltd or require more information on smart garage door openers, contact the team, call us on 01226 229733.