An in-depth look at up and over garage doors

With many different kinds of garage door available it can sometimes be hard to know which one to opt for. Here, we explain a little bit more about one option you have which is an up and over garage door. These doors, which work by opening in an up and over motion, are very popular with customers and available in a variety of finishes. Here are some of their features:

  1. Safety

Up and over doors, and particularly those by our official partner Hormann, feature several safety features. These include the use of multiple springs, which means that even if one should break, the door is still support by the others in place. Protective caps and flexible protective strips positioned by the door frame and leaf are included to mitigate against trapping too.

  1. Security

All of our Hormann up and over doors feature a unique rotary catch lock system. This works by securing the corners of the garage door leaf to the door frame. This means that it is very difficult to prise the door open and makes the locking more effective than a bolt lock would be.

  1. Opening and closing

Up and over doors can be electric or manual operated depending on your preference. An advantage of electric operated doors is that they can be controlled from the comfort of your own home or from your car when you get home, meaning no fiddling around with locks and keys in the dark before or after work.

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