Why choose roller doors

Garage doors today are an increasingly innovative and versatile product. Gone are the days of the traditional and simple up and over manual garage doors.

At ABi Garage Doors Ltd, we produce a wide range of different styles. Not only are the opening mechanism so varied, a garage door can be completely customisable too. You can choose the material, the colour the size and more of your domestic garage door.

Amongst the various garage door types available, electric roller doors are the most common for households in the UK. Electric roller garage doors have swept across the nation with their ide range of advantages and benefits to homeowners.


As a result of the popularity of roller doors in England and the UK, consumers have reeked the benefits from the rising demand. With such a high demand, garage door companies are all competing for the customers, as a result, the overall prices fall and become more affordable. Despite the roller door being one of the most technologically advanced models they are almost the same price as basic and standard up and over garage doors.

Ease of use

With electric now being incorporated to the garage door industry this opened up an incredible amount of benefits for homeowners. Now you don’t have to get out of the car or walk in the rain to lift open the traditional garage door from the warmth of your home or car you can simple click a button and the door does the rest.


At ABi Garage Doors Ltd, the team of engineers produce all the automated doors in-house. This means there is complete control in the production process of your garage door. For your domestic roller door, you can choose from a range of different materials, including aluminium, still, carbon fibre and timber, each with their own benefits. You can also completely tailor the garage door to a size and colour of your choice to best suit your home.

Roller garage doors are have extremely good value for money properties. The cutting-edge technology sets them far above the manual models, built with customer satisfaction in mind.

Most homeowners and some commercial businesses, have opted for the roller door for its ease of use and affordability. ABi Garage Doors Ltd have over 30 years’ experience producing, distributing and installing garage doors to local customers across Yorkshire.

If you’d like more information about the benefits of roller doors or would like to enquire about our wide range of other models, call our team now on 01226 229733.