How you can benefit from parking in your garage

Parking a car inside your garage seems like a thing of the past. Instead, homeowners are going down the avenue of a garage conversion so they can use it for a different function such as a home office or gym.

The team here at ABi Garage Doors Barnsley believe that you and your car could massively benefit from being a traditionalist and parking inside.

Safe from the outdoors

One of the most obvious and appreciated benefits of a garage is how it protects your car from the natural dangers of the outdoors. Whether this is freezing or scorching temperatures that will affect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle or a branch falling down from a tree, these natural dangers could cause harm to your car.

All this can be avoided by parking your vehicle inside your garage.

Protection from other people

Whether people are vandalising your car, stealing it or simply knocking it on their way past, your car isn’t coming out in a great situation. The obvious way of preventing your car from being damaged is by parking it in a garage, which is what we recommend.


Would you rather bring a big family shop in from a warm, dry garage that is right next to your entrance door or from the outside where it could potentially be pouring down with rain? We know the answer to that!

Here are a few other ways you can benefit:

  • Low insurance costs
  • Engine stays lubricated
  • Won’t need to clear windscreen during winter
  • Exterior lasts longer

With many repeat customers and recommendations over the years, we are a leading garage door supplier in the Barnsley area. Our staff are experts in garage doors and are on hand to help you with any maintenance work along the way. Should you need this, or you would like to ask any questions about a new garage door, please give us a call on 01226 229733 and someone will be able to advise you further.