Benefits of a new garage door

Here at ABi Garage Doors Barnsley, we believe that the service we provide is just as important as the garage door. Therefore, we feel it’s vital to share the knowledge we have so that you can make educated decisions when it comes to improving your curb appeal.

There are many questions and things to know about garage door, but today, we thought we’d go over the basics and let you know how you and your home could benefit from a brand-new garage door.


With many types of garage doors, colours, finishes and materials at your disposal, transforming the front of your garage couldn’t be easier. There is an obvious connection between purchasing a new garage door and adding value to your home but purchasing a garage door that enhances your exterior will add even more to your property value.

Safety & security

Arguably the most important benefit of a new garage door is the safety and security features that are built into modern doors. Majority of doors are automated these days which instantly makes it more secure for your home.

Money saver

Although a new garage door will set you back initially, you will most certainly make it back, most likely a few times over. A new door will have better insulation properties which will lower the cooling/heating costs and the security levels are higher which will mean the chance of your prized possessions being stolen are a lot slimmer.

ABi Garage Doors Ltd have been in operation for more than 35 years and our team of experienced technicians are used helping people in Doncaster and the surrounding area choose the perfect new door for their property. If you would like to speak to an expert about a new garage door or would like to arrange a free quote, please get in touch on 01226 229733.